Solstice Wood

A Holistic Approach for Humans & Animals

Solstice Wood

A Holistic Approach for Humans & Animals

Solstice Wood


Amanda offers Holistic healing and support for clients as a qualified Liquid Crystal, The Starchild Directives, The Liquid Trees and Mindfulness for Children Practitioner. Working with The Liquid Crystals, Crystalline energy remedies made from Earths Metals, Minerals, and Crystals, Astrological influences, nature and the Animal kingdom.

Facilitating healing emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually.

Passionate and experienced in working with youth, in mental health, with addictions, working with Starchildren, abuse emotional and physical, symptom support, a huge Love for working with Animals and supporting ones that are looking for their forever home.

Embracing Your Song, Your Story, respecting the paths we have walked, rediscovering life's purpose. 

Amanda is currently studying on going at The Natural Earth Institute and holds immense gratitude to Justin Moikeha Asar, the Founder, Creator and Teacher of The Liquid Crystals, Starchild Directives & The Liquid Trees.

For information on The Liquid Crystals, please visit and also where you will find me listed as a qualified practitioner.


A Holistic Approach, for Humans & Animals

Your Song,

Embrace your song, sing it, respect it. Revealing your purpose in this life time and what you have to offer humanity.
Your song is best received over multiple sessions, that will truly be life changing.

Gently blending ancient Wisdoms via The Liquid Crystals, Astrological influences and Element work.

*This offer includes 20ml remedy taken daily for 21 days supporting you for 28 days. You will also be provided with activities to enhance the process. 

Animal Assistance

Prescribed Single Remedy that provides assistance, supporting the healing and overall process for the animal and Carer.

Safe to use along side your recommended prescription from your vet. Please note I will not prescribe for serious conditions, if there no diagnosis by a qualified veterinarian. Animal Assistance is there to support the healing process.


The Starchild Directives modality, and Mindfulness Practices are such a blessings for all Parents. Amanda birthing her two daughters 16 years apart, understands the challenges we go through as parents, most importantly supporting our beautiful Starchildren.

Amanda has spent many years supporting Children and teenagers with many different abilities as an independent support worker and TLC, StarChild Directives Practitioner and now an Internationally Accredited Mindfulness for Children Practitioner.
Extremely passionate working with emotional beings we call Starchildren, who at times struggle to feel at home here on Earth. 

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